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WP ERP Workflow 1.2.2 - Automate your Workflow
WP ERP Document Manager 1.3.2
WP ERP Attendance 2.0.1 - Attendance System
WP ERP HR Frontend 2.1.2 - Robust HR Solution
WP ERP Reimbursement 1.2.2
WP ERP Recruitment Plugin 1.3.0
WP ERP Payroll 1.4.0 - Manage Employee
WP ERP Custom Field Builder 1.3.2
WP ERP Deals 1.1.2 - Manage All Your Deals
WP ERP Training 1.1.2 - Monitor Training Programs
WP ERP Asset Management System 1.1.2
WP ERP SMS Notification 1.1.1
WP ERP Help Scout Integration 1.1.1
WP ERP Salesforce Contacts Sync 1.1.1
WP ERP Zendesk 1.1.0 - Connect your Zendesk
WP ERP Awesome Support Sync 1.0.0
WP ERP Gravity Forms Sync 1.1.0
WP ERP Hubspot Contacts Sync 1.1.0
WP ERP Payment Gateway 1.1.0
WP ERP Mailchimp Contacts Sync 1.1.0
WP ERP Woocommerce Integration 1.3.1
WP ERP Inventory 1.3.1 - Stock Management
WP ERP Email Campaign 1.1.0


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